If you decide to spend a weekend with your family or friends, if you need to prepare a business overnight meeting or if you only want to relax outside of your home, we are here to offer you a possibility of accommodation.

When you are at our region and you need a place to spend a night in, we will give you a comfortable room.

We offer an accommodation in double rooms, triple rooms or four-bed rooms. All rooms are in European standard – they have own bathroom with shower. Our rooms are cosy and clean and we are sure that you will feel right at home. The capacity of our guesthouse is 80 people.


You can order a breakfast in the morning as well as any other kind of meal during the whole day.

During your stay, you can use free wi-fi in your guesthouse.

There is also a possibility to park your car at our car park (area about 800 m2).

We do our best to satisfy all your needs.

Accommodation – the prize list

Short time accommodation

The price is without the breakfast.
The number of people in one room Price
1 400,- Kč
2 600,- Kč
3 800,- Kč
4 1000,- Kč
5 1200,- Kč
6 1300,- Kč

Breakfask: 65,- Kč/person
Companies: 365,- Kč/person/ night with breakfast
Dog: 100,- Kč/night

Long time accommodation
1 person guesthouse
1 person hostel
2 people guesthouse
2 people hostel

Grand Prix – the price is for one person
2 bed room 30 E
3 bed room 30 E
4, 5, 6, bed room 25 E
hostel 2-4 beds                                         20 E     

Trade fair in Brno
1 person 600,- Kč
2 people 900,- Kč